Buddhist Pastoral Counseling

Contemplative Counseling & Pastoral Care (CCPC)

Buddhist insight acknowledges that life can be painful, confusing, and difficult at times.  All spiritual traditions encourage a fulfilling life. Contemplative Counseling and Pastoral Care offers compassionate support in both meeting life’s goals and facing life’s challenges.

The path toward a life of meaning and purpose along with greater health is a life-long study, yet typically our limitations are both self-created and conditioned, and therefore not permanent.  Optimal well-being and the life we envision are closer than we often think.  Yet we can feel that something is askew in our life, and at times, we suffer emotionally and physically.  During health crises, chronic illness, loss, or major life transitions, this suffering can be overwhelming.

Contemplative Counseling & Pastoral Care is not not mental health counseling, but a complimentary or adjunctive approach to creating and maintaining wellbeing by strengthening your own self-awareness, cultivating emotional regulation skills, and transforming how you perceive and relate to life’s challenges and opportunities.

While Chris draws from his training as a Theravada Buddhist teacher, Contemplative Counseling & Pastoral Care may be helpful for anyone interested in an approach to self-inquiry and wellbeing emphasizing the development of mindful-awareness and compassion.  Chris’s approach integrates principles of Buddhist psychology and philosophy, mindfulness, yoga and yoga therapy, ecopsychology, attachment theory, and the fields of contemplative, pastoral and palliative care. What these traditions have in common are practical strategies for understanding and alleviating personal distress and experiencing greater presence, connection, and ease in life.

Chris aims to offer a safe and welcoming space for people of all faiths, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation and gender expression.

Sessions are available by appointment in Cambridge, MA (Central Square) or via Skype from wherever you are.